Detroit is Different

S4E14 -The Afro-Latina experience of 90’s Detroit & Puerto Rico has shaped Angela Lugo-Thomas’ World

Detroit is Different episode 282

1 year ago

The 1990s welcomed the talking points of melting point, the Browning of America, and English as a Second Language programming. Today these concepts are seen as insensitive at worse and antiquated at best. For Angela Lugo-Thomas, the dual reality of living in Detroit and Puerto Rico impacted her deeply. Metro-Detroit is home to many cultures of the Arab world, Asian world, and a huge Mexican population. The ways other Latino cultures have a presence in Detroit are similar to the Caribbean cultures here. Living as a proud Boriqua (Puerto Rican Woman) left an impression on Angela to love culture and understand the value of identity. As a wife and mother, this has strengthened her journey of connecting with Highland Park’s social & political landscape. Today Angela has raised a family in Highland Park and poured love, commitment, and understanding into the city initiative. Our interview discusses the relationship between Highland Park & Detroit & Michigan. Surprisingly this also has similarities to Puerto Rico and America. Check out this Detroit is Different feature with one of the anchors of Detroit’s Black Land Farmer Fund.

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