Detroit is Different

S6E9 -From tall grass to opportunity to a whole community, Katrina Watkins and Bailey Park NDC

Detroit is Different episode 339

1 month ago

Katrina Watkins was spurred to action by the sight of grass towering over people in her neighborhood, propelling her to instigate change. Transitioning from passive waiting for city intervention to proactive engagement, she founded the Bailey Park Neighborhood Development Corporation, now a beacon of hope on Detroit's Eastside. A true Detroiter, Katrina lives and breathes the transformation of her community, epitomizing grassroots empowerment and community-driven change. In this insightful Detroit is Different feature, we delve into the tangible impact of her work, from revitalizing landscapes to fostering holistic neighborhood growth. Experience the inspiring journey with Katrina Watkins as she navigates the landscape of real community empowerment in Detroit.

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