Detroit is Different

Greg Frazier CPA on Business, Family, & Black Community (Father & Son)

Detroit is Different podcast episode 215

6 months ago

Greg Frazier CPA was born in Little Rock, AR but grew up in Cincinnati, OH. In this interview, he opens up about his childhood and father (my grandfather Don Scott). We explore the dynamics of his upbringing and motivation to prove himself to his father. We also provide the perspective of Don Scott and his brilliance and business and vision.

Greg Frazier offers his story of how he recognized the glass ceiling in corporate America as a Black man. How General Motors rewarded fellow white co-workers up the ladder to have Blacks that trained them to become their subordinates.  

Greg Frazier provides the launch into his career as an entrepreneur sub-contracting computer programming work with Jerome Sheppard. Greg shares the story of choosing work as an independent contractor over an employee is given and his fears and thoughts leading up to the opportunity.

Greg Frazier CPA and Khary Frazier discuss how the Detroit is Different NFT will give a platform to quantify the value of Detroit is Different social capital. Perspectives on the Federal Reserve and fiat currency vs. bitcoin are explored. Finally, Greg Frazier’s building design of the Detroit is Different NFT is given.

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