Detroit is Different

S3E5 -Community Voice & Relationships are Detroit Councilmember Tate’s Keys to Success

Detroit City Council Pro-Tem James Tate

20 days ago

Radio, Television, Broadcast, and Media were the life James Tate led before serving the city of Detroit as a council member. Entering a third term in the seat today Tate’s understanding and perspective for what council is expected to do, what council does, and how that balance is anchored is key. In this interview (my first with a sitting Detroit city council member) we explore District 1 and its roots there. We also discuss the marijuana ordinances (city laws) Councilmember Tate has sat at the helm on since his start on the council. The vision Councilmember Tate sees for providing access for local Detroiters to make and shape the ways marijuana will change the city. Business and community and the ways businesses enter the community were insightful in this discussion. Check out the Detroit is Different feature with Councilmember James Tate. Detroit is Different is a podcast hosted by Khary Frazier covering people adding to the culture of an American Classic city. Visit to hear, see and experience more of what makes Detroit different.

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