Detroit is Different

S6E14 -Friends of the Children-Detroit walking with Detroit Children for life led by Derschaun Brown

Detroit is Different episode 345

27 days ago

Detroit kids navigate life in uniquely dynamic ways, shaped by the city's distinct signature. However, the tragic under-resourcing of Detroit's institutions profoundly impacts their experiences, amplifying the challenges they face. For these children, the reality is intensified, underscoring the crucial role of organizations like Friends of Children in our city. Derschaun Brown, a proud DPS graduate and former teacher, epitomizes the transformative power of support. Her journey from exploring fashion in high school to her current role as Executive Director of Friends of the Children-Detroit reflects the resilience and potential within Detroit's youth. Through this organization, children facing multiple adverse childhood experiences are paired with dedicated mentors for a 12-year journey of guidance and support. These mentors, like Derschaun, are driven not only by a paycheck but by a genuine calling to make a difference in the lives of Detroit's children. Meet Derschaun Brown of Detroit is Different.

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